Journal Questions To Start Your Day

To Begin Your Day: 

When you sit down to journal, take a pause and breathe.

First: Write your intention for journal writing its self. Something like: I allow myself to discover and be inspired by the process of writing. 

Or I intend journal writing to help me focus on discovering something new. 

Ten Questions to Start Your Day: (inspired and adapted from Brendon Burchard)

  1. 1-3 things I can get excited about today are:
  2. A positive, helpful mantra or intention I can say to myself today is…Example: I allow myself to love and accept myself no matter what.
  3. Someone who needs me to bring my best self or A game today is…
  4. A situation that might trip me up or upset me today is…
  5. The way my best self can face or deal with being tripped up is to decide I can…
  6. Someone I could surprise with a note, gift, or word of appreciation is…
  7. One action I can take today to demonstrate my integrity or what I value is ….
  8. If I was my own mentor, teacher or high-performance coach, I would tell myself this today:
  9. I can…I am….
  10. The vision I have or the big picture I commit to holding in mind is being ….I see myself…

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Happy writing!

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