My Story

Jennifer’s work supports your personal and professional goals through the process of self-awareness; focusing on the practicality of self-love, self-acceptance, creativity and peace.

She inspires and nurtures students and clients to identify with their courage and achieve their highest potential through the process of self-awareness, reflection and articulation of one’s truth whether through meditation, writing, yoga, one-on-one coaching or retreat.

Her successful, effective mindfulness practices have transformed the lives of 200,000 people and 30 companies.

With over 25 years of experience as a mindful, creative leader, named “Best of Philly” multiple times, the co-founder of Reach & Raise, an annual 2,500 person meditation and yoga class, raising millions for Living Beyond Breast Cancer Organization, she is honored to support the beauty of self-awareness, and the process of tapping into creativity, courage and self-acceptance to experience peace, freedom, goals or dreams.

Jennifer is highly effective at helping others go within to liberate their internal authenticity, confidence, creativity, and voice.

She supports over 5,000 people and 6 major corporations a year as a coach, writer and speaker.

She has taught and practiced for 30 years in the fields of creativity, yoga, meditation, journal and memoir writing, mind-body connection, healing, psychology, spirituality, performance, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, mindful leadership and team building. Her inspiring coaching and workshops bring immediate insight, results, transformation and long-term growth.

Her leadership founded curriculums for “Natural Reboot” TV show, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Leadership and Management Programs, Morris Arboretum, Kripalu Center, Woodloch Lodge and the Radiant Retreat in Tulum, Mexico.

A graduate of The University of San Diego/Old Globe Theatre (MFA), who shared the Tony at the Denver Center Theater Company, and a graduate of The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, she provides valuable distinctions in language, emotional intelligence and the creative process. As co-Founder of Reach and Raise fundraiser, her spirit and style of leadership has contributed to raising over 5 million dollars for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Prior to founding her company, Jennifer was a successful actress and worked with many of the best directors, actors, and designers in the business. Her on-going study and mastery of yoga, memoir writing, story-telling, painting, and meditation is a uniquely rich and inspiring asset to her students.

A world traveler to over 18 countries, Jennifer lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, loving her home, two cats and cherished community.