To Love Your 2023 – Intentions + Goal Setting

Do you want to create New Year’s intentions and goals that give you a spring in your step and get you excited?

In my experience, resolutions don’t work because creating an intention or goal from what’s not working – “I hate my job” –  states the negative and negative begets resistance and keeps it in place. 

However, when we create a positive intention like “I allow myself to be excited about a new job or career” we can devote ourselves patiently to the skills needed to manifest and achieve our goal.  

I highly recommend: a year in review. Study what already works in your life (behaviors, moments, turning points, relationships) and what doesn’t.

This process will take about an hour. Start by reading your 2022 calendar month to month. Fallow the steps and have fun. If regret or emotion comes up, let them pass through your awareness. Be kind to yourself. Get comfy with a cup of tea and a journal.

Step #1 – “Highlights & Lowlights of 2022” 

Draw a line down the middle of your page. Write Positive – Highlights on one side and Negative – Lowlights on the other. Review your 2022 calendar month by month. Under Positive – Highlights write the meaningful and fulfilling people, places or moments. Under Negative – Lowlights – write the struggles or challenges. Don’t analyze or judge yourself. Lowlights can spark insight and wisdom.

Step #2 –  “Wisdom: What I Can Learn”. 

Read over the negative-lowlights. What did you learn?  Write 2-3 skills or mindsets you can ask for help with or learn. Example: “I can learn to…I’m willing to ask for support with…”

Step #3 – “What’s Really Matters to Me: Top Gains of 2022”. 

Review your Highlights and Lowlights list. What were your top gains of 2022? 

Example: I gained deeper connections, positivity, and love in community. It’s freeing. 

Step #4 – “Top 3 Goals That Matter Most in 2023”  

Given what you learned from 2022. What do you see is the best vision for yourself in 2023?

Take 30 seconds to list your goals. Don’t get caught in trying to figure out how. List what feels most life giving for you.  

Step #5 – “I Picture Myself” (You are almost there!)

Take a moment to picture yourself being, having and doing whatever is required to manifest your goal. Close your eyes. See yourself living your top 3 goals. What do you see? Write or draw your picture.

Step #6 – “1 or 2 Intentions for 2023”  

Intentions are how we allow the process – learning and living – into our goals. 

Write an intention: Example: “I am willing…”, “I allow….”, “I decide to….”, “I can…” or “I am committed to….”

Example: I am willing to trust the process, be in collaboration and learn to be organized with ease. 

Congratulations! Self-reflection is self-care; mental and emotional health. 

For the next 30 days read your goals and intentions every morning and evening.

At night write your highlights. What is working? What are you grateful for?

Continue positive momentum and join: Meditation & Journaling – New Year Manifestation, Self-Care & Daily Rituals Group – An outstanding way to start and end the week with calm, support and empowerment. Monday and Friday mornings, 7:30-8:30am est. Stay accountable and connect with like minds on an adventure, manifesting their goals, and conscious of gains.

May 2023 be a year of health, ease and creative joy!

Jennifer Schelter


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