Reflect & Write: 2024 New Beginnings

Do you want to get caught up with yourself and get centered for the New Year?

Here’s a wonderful journaling exercise to harvest the wisdom of 2023 and set your intentions or goals for 2024. 

New Year’s resolutions don’t work because creating an intention or goal from what’s not working like “I don’t want  ____” states the negative, and begets resistance. 

However, when we create a positive intention like “I allow myself to be excited about________” or “I can ________” we devote our self-talk and attention to what feels most live giving. 

If you’re looking to refresh, heal or spark inner self-trust, get out your journal, a pen and set aside 90 minutes to dive into your year in review.

You will learn gobs about what’s working and gain new perspective and inspiration to grow or commit your priorities towards what gives you positive energy, peace or courage. 

This process takes about an 90 plus minutes.

You will start by reviewing and reading your 2023 calendar month by month. If emotion comes up, let it pass through your awareness. Be kind to yourself.

Get comfy with a cup of tea and a journal.

Step 1 – Gratitude: Highlights & Lowlights of 2023

Draw a line down the middle of a journal page. Write Highlights on the left and Lowlights on the right. Review your 2023 calendar week by week, month by month. Under Highlights list the most meaningful, joyful and fulfilling people, places or moments. Under Lowlights write people, place or things that felt like struggles, challenges, or didn’t work for you. Don’t analyze or let the mind ruminate or spin a story.  Simply state the facts. Lowlights can and do spark our greatest insight and wisdom.

Step 2 – Insights: Trust Your Wisdom

Read over the highlights & lowlights. What did you learn?  What do you want to remember? Write what you want to remember or what you are learning.

Example: “I can learn to be vulnerable and a straight shooter. I can ask for ______. I need support with ______. I know I can ______. Remember ________.”

Step 3 – Focus: Write What You Are Grateful You Learned in 2023

When you review the Highlights, Lowlights and Insights list, what are your top three gains from 2023? Write it out in short, affirmative, clear sentences. 

Example: “I gained a sense of purpose. I learned about story structure. I gained depth in community.” 

Step 4 – Purpose: List Things That Make You Truly Happy 

Given what you learned, what will give you the greatest happiness and satisfaction in 2024? What do you yearn to see yourself do, be or have? 

Take as long as you need to brainstorm silly, fun, authentic, and joyful things you love. As well as the most honest vulnerable knowing about yourself.

Don’t get snagged in trying to figure out the “how”. List what’s most life giving, freeing and helpful for you.  

Step 5 – Vision: The Picture You Hold In Mind & Befriend Matters  

Picture yourself being, having and doing your goal or that experience that feels most natural and joyous. See yourself living at least one of your goals. Write or draw a clear picture.

How do you feel doing that thing you love? 

Step 6 – Naming Your Future: Articulate and Use Words Like A Mantra 

What word best embodies the future you are living into in 2024? Write your word:_________. 

Example: Word: Partnership.

Then state an intention that affirms your focus and being.

Example: I am ________, I allow myself to _________, I decide to ___________, I can____________I am committed to___________. 

Congratulations! You did it. How do you feel? It’s an incredible experience to self-reflect through writing. A meditation in loving-kindness, freedom, and clarity. 

Practice: For the next 30 days read your vision and mantra or the list of what make you happy. Follow through with action. Each day do one thing from the list. Dig in 500%. Each morning and night reflect in your journal: List what you’re grateful for and developments, leads or gains. Keep moving in the direction that feels most healing, life giving or loving towards life. 

To practice and keep your positive momentum going, join the: Morning Meditations & Journaling for Manifestation. Monday and Friday mornings, 7:30-8:30am est.

Connect with like minds interested in creating their lives with self-awareness, reflection and compassionate joy. 

May 2024 be a year of health, ease and loving partnerships. 



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