Writing Coaching

To write is to rewrite and rewrite and it takes a trustworthy reader and coach to get there. The myth of the single lone writer brilliantly creating with no support or creative feedback is just that: a myth. To write the way you want to write requires a team of at least one other person to have your back and ask essential questions about your writing as it progresses.

Writing coaching offers the following support: 

  • developmental, editorial & creative feedback
  • writing tools
  • story-telling skills
  • a creative space for structure & accountability
  • momentum
  • guidance for revision or completion of projects

Here’s how:

  1. We choose a date and time to meet.
  2. 48 hours before the session, you send the pages for review, and feedback.
  3. Pages are formatted in a publishers font (like Times Roman), numbered, and double spaced in a Google or Word Doc.
  4. Your writing will be read closely, with an eye for what’s working and what’s not clear to this humble reader.
When we meet we discuss:
  • any questions you have
  • what’s working beautifully & pivotal moments in the story
  • what is not clear, needs revision or potential edits

Coaching details:

  • Individual sessions (60 minutes) or a package of 5 sessions
  • Meet live on Zoom or phone
  • Payment accepted through Venmo, Check or Credit Card (3% added to total)
  • To learn more, jennifer@jenniferschelter.com


“Something about the way Jennifer sees and the feedback she provides in her one-on-one writing coaching is deeply moving. I felt truly seen and understood through sharing my story with her, and gained the ability to see my own Self as a protagonist, and the people in my life as characters with depth and their own longings and struggles.I will be taking her classes whenever possible, and her one-on-one writing coaching is something truly special.”

– Karen Maloy Johnson

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