Reflect On Your Week

In Morning Mindfulness: Meditation & Journaling we meet the morning with reflection, quiet intention and ease.


This mindfulness practice allows your own self-awareness, intentionality and agency to guide you. 


Between Friday and Sunday take at least 25 minutes to acknowledge what you’ve learned, or are integrating into your practice.

Writing helps us slow down, pay attention and listen to what we need to prioritize or play with.


1. What are 3 things that brought a smile to your face and you appreciated this week?


2. What did you gain or learn?


3. What’s one challenge are you working through or have a new awareness of?


4. If it’s heavy, how can you lighten your load? What would you tell a friend with the same challenge?


5. What thought, story or belief doesn’t serve you?


6. What is the opposite thought, story or belief that can serve or free you?


7. How might that be a courageous call to action?


8. What are you most grateful for this past week?


9. What are 2 or 3 priorities for the upcoming week?


10. Anything else you need to say?


The Morning Meditation and Journaling group is a fun, safe space for mindfulness, creativity, being true to yourself and the joy of living. 


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