Reflect On Your Week

In Morning Meditation & Journaling we use reflection, breathing and writing to appreciate our growth, creativity, and discoveries.
Between Friday and Sunday take some time to reflect and acknowledge what you’ve become aware of, learned, or are integrating into a new habit.
Writing helps us pay closer attention, listen to what we truly need, be fully expressed and prioritize ease, and self-care.
1. What are 3 things you appreciated and valued this week that you initiated.
2. What did you gain or learned this week? 
3. What’s one challenge you are working through or now have a new awareness of? 
4. What would you tell a friend with the same question or challenges?
5. What thought, story or belief doesn’t serve you?
6. What are you most grateful for this past week?
7. What are 2 priorities for the upcoming week?
8. What attitude, intention or mindset are you committed to practicing?
9. Anything else you need to say?
Share this post with someone who might appreciate or need it. We are all in transitions.
The Morning Meditation and Journaling group is a safe space for a creative way of being true and in touch with what matters most to you.
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