Five Benefits of A Writing Retreat

1. Your adventure on retreat opens up an abundance of positive possibilities.

A new horizon beckons. You lock the front door and off you go! You’ve got your suitcase; laptop, notebooks, books and pens. You’ve got a hunch you want to write about ___ or ____. But the key is you’re open. Walking away from the known – the kitchen, the daily schedule, and responsibilities – you head out on the open road. The writing life is seizing the courage to expand, explore truth and have fun.

2. On retreat you enter a world of no distractions, no excuses and ample opportunities for breakthroughs. Your only to-do list is your heart’s desire: to tell the truth on the page, attend class, learn what works for you, eat what makes you happy, settle into a new nook and write, write, write.

3. You meet other writers (even if you don’t call yourself “a writer”) who are kind and encouraging. On a writing retreat writers inspire each other to trust their senses, tell the truth on the page and slow down to craft what matter most. Our writing grows with study, practice, and generous writers who enjoy listening and giving thoughtful feedback.

4. Your risk to go on a writing retreat is equal to your risk in developing your craft of writing. On retreat, you have a new bed, see new sites, hear new sounds, learn new skills, read new authors, and meet new like minds. The bounty of newness, discovery and rich feedback helps us see our writing with fresh new eyes and take new risks in our work.

5. A rare and beautiful depth and trust grows on a writing retreat. Along with inspiring new writing tools, practices, and revelations, writers often become writing buddies and good friends for years to come. The profound, transformational magic of a writing retreat, turns out, not only to be for our writing lives, but for the ineffable joy of creativity, learning and belonging.

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