Writing Memoir: Where To Begin?

Here are 4 practice to begin drafting ideas for your memoir:

1. Sit down. Set a timer for 25 minutes. Allow yourself to go inside. Breathe and write an intention in your notebook like:

I allow myself to explore ideas for my memoir. I allow myself to discover something surprising. 

2. Create a list of The Major Changes in My Life. Moments of growth from childhood to adulthood and what age you were when those changes occurred.

3. Set the timer again for another 25 minutes. Choose one moment – a scene – that has the most tension or conflict. A key moment of vulnerability.

Where are you? What time of year is it? What do you see, hear, smell, taste or touch in that scene?

Start tiny. One scene, one image in mind, as if you’re seeing the movie of your life.

Images help us access story. Story is born from a specific place and time.

4. What are you yearning for in that scene? What do you want? 

Start with a small picture frame around a precious moment; one scene.
A memoir is a series of scenes and summaries on the page.

Keep showing up to write.

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