Why Intentional Meditation and Journaling?

The Nautilus shell is the perfect metaphor for human wholeness; all parts of our Self/humanity seen, held and respected in consciousness. 

At a certain age we think: What do I want to be when I grow up? Who do I want to be?

Our mind seeks answers. We spin. How do we get out of the vicious circle of fear and worry? How do we access joy, ease and solutions? 

If we don’t stop and create space for self-reflection, we will most likely over-think, continue to be afraid, constantly calculate the future, and miss the present. We will miss knowing our hearts deepest longings.

Intentional meditation and journaling normalize our humanity, need to grow and belong. 

Our suffering can be mitigated by mindful skills of seeing and releasing negative tendencies, thoughts and narratives.

The work is deep and effective because our human tendencies are more similar than different.

A participant recently said, “I want to be honest with myself. I see how I manipulate and pretend. This is helpful to tell the truth about.”

Meditation and journaling are calming and release stress. But the structure of intentional journal prompts offers so much more than that. Writing helps examine one’s personal history, identity and narrative forward. We put down what we’ve carried. We feel lighter, more at home in our being.

The meditation and journaling course is perfect if you want to:

  • grow confidence + what matters most to you
  • feel at peace more often
  • write about where you are in life + what’s next
  • focus weekly on being intentional + being courageous
  • do fun exercises to spark joy, self-love + connection 
  • be present + feel loving-kindness towards yourself
  • be accountable, honest + have a sense of humor about self-development
  • be in a like-minded, community who supports each other

​​​​​​​The process has helped hundreds of participants build a safe, reliable space to feel more “peaceful”, “happy” and “loving”.

Register here. 

I look forward to sharing the uplifting, healing process with you.

Keep paying attention. Keep reflecting. Keep writing it down.

Questions? Thoughts?

In awe,

Jennifer Schelter

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