Ways To Approach Writing Practice

When we write it’s not one and done. It’s a practice and process.

We will do our best writing when we approach writing as:

  • a practice like practicing the piano, or yoga
  • a self-awareness, discovery process
  • a compassionate, kind and loving act towards the protagonist (you)
  • a process of re-visiting, re-crafting one’s story beyond rumination, thinking or analyzing
  • a crafting in words, the images we find in tiny jewel moments; snapshots of “the ordinary” and tense pivotal moments of life
  • a scene or summary in which you – the character – yearns for something and goes after it (like a protagonist in a movie)
  • a team of creative collaborators – readers, teachers, editors, writing friends that offer positive, generative feedback – to help us do our best work
  • a daily or weekly ritual or discipline; we set a time and place to practice and get to know our process

Happy writing.

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