A Cottage


This little shack on Sandy Neck, Cape Cod is owned by the Handy Family.

We had a picnic there the other night. The light turned Cape Cod gold across the green marsh. The tide came up under the lowest step.

We ate chicken and turkey roll-up sandwiches from Barnstable Store and drank Chardonnay out of plastic cups.

My Dad’s partner, Liz, said, “Now’s a good time to thank God.”
And Oliver (age 9) said, “Why God? Thank Mother Nature.”

We ate Oreo’s and cherries for dessert and ooh’d and ahh’d at the setting summer sun.

We took a family photo, deep breaths, and we all started back to the boat, wading through the muddy water on the marsh.

My sister’s twins, Angus and Jasper, followed their older brother, Oliver, saying, “You’ve got to face your fears!” (in a British accent) and screaming for fun as they made their way in knee deep dark water. I followed up the rear, and my flip flop got stuck in the mud at the exact moment I farted. And both made a sucking poof.

Infront of me, my sister, Kristin turned and said, “What?! Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I just got stuck and farted at the same time.”

And she started laughing too. I love unplanned happiness and my sister.

The sunset pink and violet over dark waters. And clouds feathered the way they do over Barnstable Harbor.

I’m grateful for all.

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