Your Y.O.G.A. Story


Yoga is the awareness of your ups and down; the best of times and the worst of times.

No perfect rainbows, no crystals or woo-woo.

Your own journey, your own beautiful life, as is, is more than enough.

No need to please anyone but yourself.

Here are 4 bold reminders:

YYou matter. You do. Your stories matter. Your struggles matter. Your childhood matters. Your anger matters. Your pain matters. Your joy matters. You matter. You make a difference.

OOwning your choices. Owning your fears. Owning your experiences. Owning the unexpected gifts. Owning your unexpected losses. Owning your grief. Owning your shame. Owning your joy. Owning your love. Owning your complexity. Owning your own humanity. Owning your aging. Owning your changes. Owning the praise that is given to you.

GGo. Go. Go. Go on. Go forward. Go where you need to go. Go learn. Let go.

Go beyond. Go change. Go speak. Gotta go. Go beyond perfectionism. Go beyond cynicism. Go beyond what you think is possible. Go. Go. Go talk to some one. Go cry. Go be who you need to be and never apologize for who you are. Go be you. Go.

AAllow yourself to receive support and love from unconventional sources. Allow yourself unexpected gifts. Allow yourself new roads; new friends, new family members. Allow yourself to succeed on your own terms. Allow your laughter. Allow your tears. Allow your kindness. Allow your anger. Allow. Allow. Allow your love to enter. Allow a new door to open. Allow a new door to open. Allow your heart to break. Allow yourself to live from inside. Allow the unknown. Allow the unborn to inform you. Allow yourself to surrender. Allow yourself to be a beginner. Allow.

You are so lucky. You are so talented. You are so resourceful. You are so self-reliant. 

You are unconditionally loving.

No matter where you are on your journey, in life’s vicissitudes, ups or downs, ins or outs, whether you are feeling lost or found, remind yourself above all:

You matter and there are people who love you more than you know.

(Written by Jennifer Schelter, Co-Founder of Yoga On The Steps, accompanied by Yvette Om, original vocals and music, shared at Yoga on the Steps, May 19, 2014.)

*Endless thanks and praise to Yvette Pecararo for her help in brainstorming and fleshing out these ideas. Couldn’t have done it without you.

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