10 Things Yoga & This Taco Stand Have In Common

Solo for the first time in 10 days, I sit doing a jig on the wooden bench, waiting for my tacos.

Hail to the trumpets, accordions, and washboard beat.

The waiter brings me a Victoria cerveza and says, “Aqui Bonita!”

“Gracias, Senor!”

I swig my cerveza, “Aahhh” and write:

10 Things Yoga (and the Radiant Retreat) and my Favorite Taco Stand Have In Common:

1.    Being outside feel like happiness.

The Radiant Retreat and summer yoga are mostly outdoors. Sunshine. Birds. The wind. All part of the rejuvenation and fun. Thank you, sun.

2. Mindfulness does not mean humorless.

Go your pace. Sway, bend, flex, dance, wiggle, and stretch and dance to “Wild Thing” if need be.

3.    Personalize your order.

There’s a sidebar of fresh salsa, cilantro, grilled cactus, and green hot sauce; daring myself to try the hot stuff, I think: Try something new!

4.    Every seat is unique.

Each bench is handmade, like each body – unique. The bench-legs are all thin tree limbs, organically uneven, no perfect lines. In yoga we deliberately work with what we have. The process is all.

5.    The waiter (like a great yoga teacher) knows his craft and smiles a lot.

The waiter is Mayan, wears a bright orange shirt, welcomes with a huge warm grin and says, “Hola!” By the way he’s pours tequila, and tops it with a lime wedge, I can tell he’s proud and passionate about his work.  Find a leader or teacher who’s passionate and excellent about serving your body and mind the soul food it needs.

6.    Each Tree (as in Tree Pose) is a funky, craggy, masterpiece.

Palm fronds spread like starbursts, and plate-size mangroves fan in the breeze. Tree pose is one of the essential poses to build balance (before and after a margarita).

7.  A tin wash bucket full of fresh green coconuts and a machete rests on the driftwood stump-cutting board.

Green husk and white coconut chips are scattered beneath the stump in the sand. After a retreat (and yoga); parts of the unneeded shell around our mind and body falls away, and the juice (life force) remains. Moving the body and opening the mind on a weekly basis is a deliberate practice of feeling human.

8.    Mockingbirds (Crow Pose style) hop and flutter from limb to limb.

Their knees bend backward, wrists and claws grip and adjust. Tail a flutter. Not exactly like practicing crow pose but watching birds and pelicans help study balance. What creates flexibility and balance for your body? What creates flexibility and balance for your mind?

9.   The atmosphere is part of the process and enchantment.

Gourd lanterns with flower, hearts and stars hang above the tables. Small tin buckets over naked bulbs and votive candles in Kerr’s jars flicker light. Enough light for the giddy coconut-whacking waiter to hack open two coconuts, stick straws in the center and proudly serve them to the family with the baby dancing in his diaper.

10. Another slow swig of a beer.

Have you ever noticed that taking a sip of beer involves a back bend, a lift from the core and hips? Gold-rimmed sombreros hang on the trunks of surrounding trees. The non-Dogmatic works. No absolutes. 

I sing Ole! at the end of the song and squint at the Kerr’s jar.

It says: “Self-Sealing”.  Like Self-Healing. Self-Soothing. Self-Caring. Self-Enjoying.

I ask myself, What will I self-seal from the Radiant Retreat 2015 and Tulum?

I seal in the goodness of all the

Retreaters sunshine faces,

Mexican hospitality,

Granola and guacamole,

Life stories,


Yoga by the sea,

Cenotes (underground caves),

Hugs and jazz hands,

Excellent, wow of Mark, Jillian and Noelle,

Jumping out of bed at sunrise,




More margaritas,

Dogs and a donkey on the beach,

Compassion and self-acceptance,

Feet and toes in the sand,

Flute and guitars on the beach,

Singing next t the waves,


Bright orange-shirted waiters,

Traffic on the road behind me,

Honk, honk, bark, bark

Waves hello and goodbye,

Waves and more waves,

Seaweed and pelicans,

Sweating so much,

“Si, senorita. Of course,”

A can of Off,

A great night sleep,



I seal in the goodness.

Do you have a place and time to seal in the goodness and rejuvenate?

Join me for the 10th Anniversary  – Radiant Retreat March 19-26, 2016.

Best to you and your health,


PS. Thank you to Jen Torpie for this dreamy photograph.



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