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“This is the most life changing, outstanding retreat I’ve ever been on.”
 – Former Oprah Producer
The Best of You: Radiant Retreat, March 16-23, 2019, Tulum, Mexico
Self-Care – Creativity – Clarity
Radiant Retreat is a rejuvenating and transformative week for self-care, creativity, self-development, ease and fun:
Meditation – Inspirational Yoga – Creative Writing – Fun – Personal Time – Delicious Cuisine – One-on-One Support – Local Site-Seeing – Spa menu.
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Retreats are a precious time for you – mothers, daughters, families, honeymooners, businessmen, artists, writers, therapists, lawyers, fund raisers, TV producers, musicians, teachers, and bankers – to rejuvenate, inspire and reconnect with yourself in a peaceful setting.
Time to deliberately practice tools for well-being and continue great work in the world. 
A good friend of mine says, “Retreat to advance,” and schedules a retreat each year to focus on her “next steps” in life.
In other words, take a step back, pause, acknowledge, reflect and then move forward.
Retreats are marvelous for: your well-being and body (yoga), healing, relaxation (meditation), fun, self-exploration, meeting like-minded folks, eating delicious healthy food, enjoying your art, reading your favorite books, writing in your journal, having great laughs and conversations, taking a great walk or hike in the beauty of nature, or reflecting on your next steps in life.
And you don’t need to be a “yoga person” or a “meditation person” to enjoy the peace and time of a retreat. Benefits: Revitalization – Inspiration – Physical Flexibility, Strength, and Balance – Clarity – Creative Exploration – Fun Community -Nurturing Personal Growth or Reinvention – Calm Inner Peace – Laughter – Fun  When’s your next retreat?