New! Sunday Morning Poetry


The Impermanence of The Garden: A New Season 

Three Sunday’s of poetry, writing prompts and practices for letting go and welcoming change.

Oct. 2, 9, 16, 10-11:15am est  – Check your local time

Brew your favorite tea or coffee and enjoy poetry evocative of the seasons change and an autumnal garden; how it echoes, delights and inspires. All great poets, sages and contemplative traditions focus on nature as mirror, wise guide and friend. The Impermanence of The Garden will still us to stop, observe what exists in the backyard, local garden or green space; as gift, creative potential and connection to the next season of our lives.

How the Sunday series works

The workshop consists of three 75-minute livestream sessions shared on Zoom.

In addition, you will enjoy Daily Practices – a writing prompt or mindful practice – to incorporate the theme of the readings into daily life. Daily Practices thread the three Sundays together.

3 Livestream Sessions with Q+A

Each session will include a:

  • poetry reading
  • a short guided meditation
  • 15 min talk about the readings
  • writing prompt, followed by 30 minutes to write your own stories, poems or impressions
  • 15-minute Q+A
  • playback recording, good for thee weeks

Course Materials

You will receive a:

  • welcome email with preparatory details offering thoughts for the seminar
  • resource document for each session – what to bring to the session


In each session Jennifer will offer a:

  • Daily Practice to help bring the themes, writing and literature into daily life and hold the mindful thread between sessions.



If you need to pay by Venmo or check, that’s accepted too!