Fall Sunday Morning Poetry: A New Season


The Impermanence of The Garden

Three Sundays of poetry, writing prompts and practices for letting go and change.

Sept. 24, Oct. 1, 8, 10-11:15am est  – Check your local time – Live on Zoom

Brew your favorite tea or coffee and enjoy poetry evocative of the seasons change. All great poets, sages and contemplative traditions focus on nature as a wise teacher and friend. We will observe what exists in the backyard, local garden or green space; as gift, creative potential and connection to the new season of our lives.

Each session includes: 

  • poetry
  • a short guided meditation
  • writing prompts
  • time to journal or write your own impressions
  • Q+A


  • pausing to be present
  • allowing self-expression
  • wellness
  • creativity
  • ineffability
  • writing

Rate: $85. Payable by credit card, Venmo or check.

Per session: $35.- Venmo or check


Jennifer Schelter finds mystic spaces in the Morris Arboretum canopy for participants to be together and alone with sensations in the garden. She creates a meditative state with her own calm demeanor, poetry readings, and quiet invitation to contemplate relationships with the natural world. She took the group to:

Places where they touched not knowns.

Discovered hidden truths.

Learned about streams inside themselves.

Swirling rapids.

Images, memories, words.Waters wet enough to extinguish thirst. 

– From Lynn Benjamin, May 30, 2023

It Was on a Slope

Description in poetry of a poetry class with Jennifer.

Inspired by Jennifer and the members of the group.

You can find the whole poem online in lynnpocketpoems.com