Mental health. Love. Ease. Trust

Jennifer Schelter

Twenty-four years of training and professional work with close to 80,000 people

What I Do

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I facilitate mindful and strategic conversations everyday for personal achievement, growth and well-being.

I will help you find answers to questions such as:

What can I do to manage stress and burnout?

How can I develop my focus and confidence to change or grow authentically?

How can I stay relatively pain-free, flexible, balanced and strong?

How can I set aside time for moments of inner peace and silence?

How can I let go and develop a positive mind set?

How can I love and accept myself?

My Journal

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My mission is to inspire and empower your next steps, which lead youwhere you want to go.

I love helping people experience the enjoyment of succeeding on their own terms.

You don’t have to be a meditation person, a yoga person, or a believer in any dogma or self-help. Being curious about self-health, and knowledge is enough to awaken new possibilities and insights.

“Keep Going and enjoy your self.”
—Andrea Boxer