Why Pat Scott Loves Yoga

Patricia Scott from the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia, PA, shares these words about her yoga practice. 

What does your yoga practice give you?

Yoga gets me to a place I didn’t think I would get to – that’s a very positive thing. Yoga has become a respite. After a rough couple of years, during which my body and soul have endured assaults, often I’d rather bury my head under the blankets. But even when the yoga movement feels difficult and unnatural, eventually, I melt with the movement and it helps the angst of stressors vanish. 

Why Jennifer Schelter’s teaching?

I love Jennifer’s practice and teachings because she encourages a wholesome and healthy mindset and you don’t have to “be there” in order to get there. She’s been on earth a while and truly empathizes with the vicissitudes of life. The teachings and comments are universal and her readings during savasana are so thought provoking and genuine. I appreciate what she selects to share. Also, when she talks about our minds wandering to negative scenarios, e.g. body image, she speaks to me. I can release from a negative state and be empowered by the centering yoga provides. For instance, last week, in child’s pose we gently rolled our heads to massage all sides – a bit painful for me since it touched a scar; but it also felt really good. I’ll continue to see if it helps break up the scar tissue. She is a natural teacher- it’s innate! With this movement and prayerful way of yoga, I can get a calm and content relationship with ME – how I look and who I am! I feel blessed for my body however it is! That’s the magic. 

Why is the community important to you? 

I love doing the yoga movements in unison with others – it helps me feel connected to the universe which is magic as well. While I would rather be doing it WITH others in real time, even zoom brings a sense of community and is the highlight of my week. I usually feel reborn after each yoga class. Energized, peaceful and unhindered from negativity – like I could run a hundred miles! It’s such a beautiful feeling. I look forward to returning to being outdoors at the Morris Arboretum at sunset – otherworldly!

I love doing yoga with this community because it adds to my feeling of being “plugged in” to life and promotes my sense of being released, loved and accepted.

Thank you, Pat! Your words are a gift.

 Yoga practice meets every Tuesday evening, 7-8pm est in person & zoom


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