A Beginner’s Guide To Meditation & Journaling


Sunday, Oct. 29, 2-4pm est

This meditation and journaling class is designed for beginners and all levels of meditation experience.

We will practice mindful reflective tools to let go negativity, and allow self-acceptance and the courageous Higher Self.

Led by meditation and writing instructor, Jennifer Schelter, you will guided in:

  • being still to quiet the mind, and allow the heart
  • the wisdom of emotional intelligence
  • journaling to articulate and name what is occurring within and without
  • compassionate and courageous ways to inspire yourself
  • setting and articulating intentions

This course will benefit:

  • growing an intentional meditation and journaling practice
  • grounding in the present moment
  • understanding your cognitive and emotional intelligence
  • nurturing self-love and acceptance
  • growing self-trust
  • releasing stress and negativity


  • guided meditations
  • writing prompts
  • playback recording for practice
  • one-on-one support
  • basics tools for building a practice that works for you
  • a safe space
  • a supportive community