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Jennifer Schelter is a renowned inspirational and motivational speaker who focuses on well-being and mindfulness strategies for empowering women and men to “take your next step” and embrace new beginnings.

She has shared her practical insights and strategies at prestigious organizations and one-of-a-kind events, from Yoga on The Steps for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, of which she is founder and leader, to Philly Magazine’s Wellness Boot Camp, and wellness workshops at Wharton Executive Leadership Program.

Jennifer’s keynotes and workshops are perfect for audiences of professional women and men who have to navigate and balance their work-life and well-being in highly competitive environments. Her insights, practical strategies and perspectives give women and men the tools and motivation to nurture their well-being successfully and increase their clarity, and focus.

The Risk and Reward of De-Stressing and Well-Being: What Really Holds Us Back from Having Work-Life Balance?

We always hear how we need to have a work-life balance. But what does a work-life balance require or mean? How well we take care of ourselves really does make a world of difference. However, the number one reason we struggle to find balance is not the excuse of time or money; it’s a resistance to the basics of well-being.

This workshop/keynote focuses on a myth that, when learned how to navigate properly, will uncover the secret to well-being and balance.

The Anatomy of a Loving and Accepting Your Mind and Body

Why do smart, talented, hardworking people end up treating themselves so badly? Why do they end up stiff, overweight, stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed?

This keynote, based on Jennifer’s own personal story, is a lesson for all who want to better cherish their greatest resource: their body and mind. Learn tools to avoid the rat-race-well-being killers and influence the powers that be to make well-being and rejuvenation a priority in your organization or home-life.

Your Healing Creativity: Your Path to Well-Being and Success On Your Own Terms

Healing from depression, grief, loss or disease is an insightful journey that can be enhanced by creativity and intentional focus. Your healing creativity helps you take control of your own healing process, redefines how you view yourself, and provides the mindful and strategic tools necessary to get you back in control of your enjoyment and success. You have creative intelligence, and power within you. Why not use it?

Strategic Leadership Skills: How to Build and Leverage Mindfulness Based Strategies to Lead Effectively

In this presentation, Jennifer gives a structured approach to building and leveraging critical mind-body wellness tools for leadership. Her step by step process guides the audience to participate in elements that create healthy leadership.

Previous engagements include:

Wharton Advanced Management Programs
Wharton Advanced Leadership Programs
Glaxo-Smith Klein

Jennifer’s articles have been published in Be Well Philly, Philadelphia Magazine, Chestnut Hill Local, and Philadelphia Inquirer. She has been featured in Philadelphia Magazine, US Airways Magazine, and Life On the Hill.