Positive Mindful Momentum – Pure Energy, Paoli, PA

In a rut? Anxious? Stressed? Need clarity, mindful inspiration and ease in 2020? 

Positive Mindful Momentum

February 1, &15, 12:30 – 2 pm

Manifest your goals and celebrate your gains in this 2 Week Positive Mindful Momentum Course. The course is designed to gain positive momentum in any area of life be enjoying:
Deliberate practices
Calm and focus
Creating solutions for unconscious judgment and bias
Positive momentum for self-awareness self-care, creativity and enjoying a community

Curriculum Practices:
Setting Intention Mindful Meditation & Breathing
Creative Visualization
Release Technique
Right Action from A Positive Picture  – Prioritize xo
The Beauty of Focused Attention – Clarity
Physical Rejuvenation – Basic Gentle Yoga for Posture and Alignment
Gratitude Circle

To register call 610-993-9933, or click here and go on-line. 

Manifest goals – Intentional daily practices for a calm, centered mind – Decreased stress, and self-judgment – Cultivate a valuable toolbox for self-care, creativity and positive momentum – Ease and self-trust

To register call 610-993-9933, or click here and go on-line.