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The Art of Vinyasa Yoga (DVD)
70 minutes of Inspirational Vinyasa Yoga
$20 (includes shipping and handling)

In The Art of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Jennifer Schelter masterfully teaches the mind-body connection and encourages you to experience you own balanced, vital and powerful self. The awareness of practice of yoga can be found in the word Ahimsa – compassion and non-violence. More than a physical series of poses, you are invited to remember this word Ahimsa – and take it off the mat.

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Am Awake – CD
43 minutes audio of Vinysa Yoga to Inspire Your Day
$15 (includes shipping and handling)

Invigorate, open, focus, and make friends with your body and mind as you start your day. Move and breathe to the hp, chill sound of Drala, as Jennifer guides you through an upbeat morning yoga practice. Set your intentions. Feel gratitude. Empower your mind and body to be flexible, strong, balanced and peaceful. Jennifer is renowned for her creative blend of the physical and inspirational elements of Vinyasa flow yoga.

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