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People I work with:

“I’ve worked with Jennifer during two distinct phases of my life now, and she has totally, unequivocally helped me grow professionally, personally, emotionally, and spiritually. Because of her wisdom and guidance, I’ve never felt more connected with myself, rooted in my own true nature, and fully capable of understanding – and implementing – what I was put on this earth to do. It’s one thing to read self help books and think about who you really are, but Jennifer has given me a safe space and the inspiration to go beyond thinking and to declare my own truth without feeling silly, self-conscious, or too caught up in my own head. She helps break down the seemingly most overwhelming life challenges so they’re manageable and even easy. I often go back to notes from our sessions and immediately feel empowered.”
—Jaime L.B., Social Media


“Jennifer’s coaching helped me to focus again on setting small goals that build to milestones in areas of my life that speak to my truest self. Taking the time to pay more attention to what I value has brought me inspiration, a sense of purpose and a renewed ability to tackle the struggles before me. Jennifer is an amazing ally in facilitating the transformation of struggle into opportunity. Working with Jennifer has helped me to focus some of that awesome energy back to myself. Asking questions, setting small goals and building up to milestones has been a great practice.

Jennifer helps you by encouraging you to ask yourself questions and assisting you in hearing your own voice. She listens as you set goals and holds you accountable for them by asking you to be accountable for yourself.

The milestones that you achieve can be small or big or even transformative. It is up to you and coaching can help.”
—Natalie, Artist-Entrepreneur


“I know a woman with an unparalleled knack for creating an environment of safety, heart, value, repose, appreciation, loving-kindness, and please not forget humor.  She can do this with just her presence.  I spend time with her on a wooden floor, a carpeted studio, outdoors on steps of stone, even virtually by email.
She teaches me to explore (my mind, my heart, my body).
She inspires me to find love by giving love (first and foremost to myself).
She encourages my written word (my voice, my guide, my expression of Self).
With a nudge of delight (why so serious!), she challenges me to find wonder, beauty, sheer awe in the nature of our physical world, the universe, and my space on the mat.”


“This past weekend was the “recognized horse show” that Jennifer helped me prepare for in our session. My horse, Talisman, and I came in first place in our class. The first place was nice but the real reward was how lovely, and harmonious Talisman and I were together. The keys I learned in my collaboration with Jennifer were: Chipping away at “I can’t” and facing what her coaching and mindfulness process reveals. Trusting and believing are intertwined; one cannot happen without the other. Holding Talisman and keeping him safe in an unfamiliar environment is the most tender and powerful feeling I could ever imagine. It would have been very easy for me as an amateur to say, “I can’t” BUT having worked with Jennifer, I had the courage to trust, detach and truly access the meaning of what my horse trainer had been saying. There were ups and downs along the way. What is really telling is how I dealt with the downs. That’s the real meat. It’s another example of the special gift Jennifer shares with the world. With gratitude that cannot be adequately expressed.
—Judith, CFO


“Your class makes everyone feel that their insecurities and doubts are normal and need to be faced with compassion and strength.  That taking small steps will move you forward. For over a decade I have had the incredible experience of working with Jennifer to design and implement a large-scale outdoor yoga class, Yoga on the Steps, to support the work of Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Jennifer’s deep commitment to helping women facing breast cancer is evident every time she takes the stage to lead hundreds of participants through a one-of a kind inspirational yoga class.  Her vision of building a community of support through Yoga on the Steps for women diagnosed with breast cancer is now happening in Philadelphia, Denver, and Kansas City.
I welcome everyone to join us and experience first hand Jennifer’s gift of inspiration and hope.”
—Jean Sachs, CEO, Living Beyond Breast Cancer


“What a beautiful day and what a beautiful experience you created for so many. Thank you – I am amazed at how able you are to speak to so many with such kindness, humor and inspiration. You were once again with me this week in an unexpected way. And ironically given today’s event. First, all was fine, so know that ahead of time, but after a routine mammogram, I had to get a biopsy which was benign. I am fortunate to have immediate access to one of the best mammographers in the city (who on another twist is being honored by LBBC this year) and she treats me well. But during the procedure, to keep calm, you were once again with me, telling me I would get through and face whatever came, and keeping me breathing (or not hyperventilating). Thank you for what you taught me – here I go, off matting again. With love and appreciation.
—Penny, Lawyer


“I just wanted to thank you for last night’s yoga class and the wisdom you have shared over the last 4 yrs. has helped me get through my daughter’s chronic illness and hospitalizations, relationships with people, and has helped me tremendously with my work with older women. I really use it throughout my day and life. Concepts like loving kindness, meditation, positive thinking, and gratitude are always on my mind. I share them with low income older women who really appreciate it.”
—Patty D., Social Worker


“As a yoga teacher she offers a seasoned blend of asana expertise, heart opening mindfulness, and self revealing humor.  Jennifer has a unique ability of connecting to large crowds on a very personal and often transformational note, sometimes to more than a thousand people. I have the privilege of supporting Jennifer musically at Yoga on the Steps and each year Jennifer spins straw into gold with her fearless honesty and playful wisdom.  As a friend and collaborator, I am very moved by Jennifer’s commitment to empowering women. A great communicator also in her writing, I look forward to Jennifer’s first book.”
—Yvette Pecoraro, Singer and Musician


“Jennifer’ teaches yoga just the way it was always meant to be taught – with wisdom, compassion, clarity and the ever present light touch of enjoyment…being in her classroom is the closest you can get to perfect yoga. My recommendation is to enjoy every moment of it. Every day.”
—Elizabeth Gilbert, Author, Eat. Pray. Love


“Thank you for the yoga series! I looooooved that time THANK YOU for all those Mondays (who knew I’d ever look forward to Mondays?) You’re a fantastic teacher. Your choice of meditations are exactly what I need.  Each and every week they seemed to speak to me personally.  Thank you for the time, thoughtfulness, and detail you place into each and every class.  Thank you for listening to and caring for the well-being of your students.  Thank you for meeting us where we are, and then continuing to take us on our mindful journeys.  I deeply enjoyed every moment of your class.

“Namaste”, for me, now has an ever-adaptable fluid definition (she showed me that, too).  She’s not a magician, or a mind-reader, but it feels that way sometimes.  I’ve called her my spiritual hairstylist (there’s nothing like leaving a class with a fresh new ‘do, is there?  Strut that ‘tude back into the world and show’em what you’ve got.  Work it, girl.)  But it’s not all about me.  Or her.  I have classmates with different journeys, different ways of coming, different ways of going (or strutting).  Sometimes there’s unspoken camaraderie, and other times we chat, we hug.  We “namaste” and share in the stillness (none of us is alone).  Thanks to her sharing, her guiding, we’re able to find many a positive thing in our practices.  The week unfolds, and Monday comes again.  Inhale, loving kindness, exhale loving kindness… (Ahhh… nothing like a fresh new ‘do).
—Chrissy H., Business Woman


“A heart full of thanks to you for giving all 1,700 of us a memorable yoga class on the Art Museum steps. The sun was shining on us, through you and among us all. It’s the perfect way to remember loved ones who have died from cancer, cherish those who have survived and feel grateful for our good health. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
—Mary, Department of Psychology


“Great yoga class this evening. I love the physical aspect of yoga, but, I adore the mental/emotional/spiritual benefits.  The poem you read was beautiful. My son, Michael, will be graduating from high school in a few short weeks and the words of the poem seem fitting for this monumental (for him and me) event in his life.  Thank you so much for all the gifts you give so lovingly at your classes.”


“This is the most life changing, outstanding retreat I’ve ever been on.”
—Former Oprah Producer


“I got my mojo back!”
—A Professional Chef


“Coming on the retreat has been the most beautiful experience I’ve had in a very long time. The breath taking location, inspiring community and almost magical practices have given me the tools to change myself into the person I’ve always wanted to be.”
—Univ. Of Colorado Student


“Jennifer was an absolutely fabulous leader – caring, loving, always focused on providing professional excellence and clearly wanting the best for each participant.”
—Child Psychologist and Published Author


“We met on the Radiant Retreat at Maya Tulum and after a couple of days it was clear that Jennifer could organize and lead, which yielded a trusting relationship. I would collaborate with her in the future as my experiences have been nothing but positive and uplifting.  Jennifer brings authenticity, deep experience and professionalism to her practice with a level of personalization that makes it attractive to collaborate. I really appreciated her persistent attention to our entire hour-long coaching conversation.  I appreciated how she would allow the session to flow based on discovery taking place at the moment, which allowed me to think many of those ideas through to the end.  Perhaps most valued were the post session write ups she provided, which were very accurate and highly detailed topics discussed on our coaching call.”
—Orlando, Global Financial Services


Jennifer Schelter’s Radiant Retreat is the reason why I lead writing retreats.  I got to see the power of a retreat—how people bloom in just a few days in the field of self-awareness, being in their bodies in a beautiful place on earth, with a dynamic, hilarious, truly “radiant” leader.  I was honored to teach the writing component and a lot of what I share at my Haven retreats grew from studying Jennifer’s style and following her example.  She truly walks the walk, and it’s utterly contagious!
—Laura Munson, New York Times best-selling author, and founder of Haven Writing Retreats


“The Wharton Advanced Management Program (AMP) audience consists of global senior executives from many industries, disciplines and cultures who come together in Philadelphia to advance their business acumen, leadership capabilities, and executive wellness for five-weeks.  During the program, Jennifer Shelter brings her inner mindfulness and knowledge of Yoga to sunrise sessions where the AMP group learns how Yoga can advance their physical, mental and emotional wellness.  Jennifer possesses the combination of experience and formal education that enables her to connect and enrich the lives of a very heterogeneous audience ranging from the skeptical first timer to the very experienced practitioner.  I highly commend Jennifer for her gift in bringing Yoga to life to help others find a greater sense of self, purpose and appreciation of our collective humanity.”
David Heckman
Practice Leader, Senior Management Programs
Wharton Executive Education


“The mindfulness meditation and discussion on wellness was transformative for the whole group. I didn’t expect it would be a bonding experience and create such a strong sense of team. Very powerful! Jennifer’s approach is completely practical and sensitive to all types of people and the tools and strategies she shared are easy and useful. Outstandingly positive and I look forward to more.”
Finra, participant


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for the past 3 years. Wellness is not a new category but combining it with executive education is becoming increasingly requested by European and American companies. More and more companies are paying attention to the total person and they have requested that we offer it for their residential programs. Yoga is a natural addition since it can be easily included into a daily schedule and it is applicable for a wide audience.

Her approach was very respectful with our clients, which is important because many of them were not totally thrilled with the prospect of doing yoga first thing in the morning.  Many of the participants (mostly men) had no prior experience with yoga and yet, they readily accepted Jennifer’s guidance and in the end they placed high value on the experience.

Jennifer’s approach is very practical. She is very accepting of all levels of interest and experience. She makes the process fun and non-threatening. As part of the offering Jennifer has created exercises that can be performed at the desk and participants receive a practice DVD.”
—Director of Global Strategic Executive Education


“The Yoga with Jennifer was one of my favorite parts of the Advanced Management Program. It helped me focus and start my day with purpose and peace. I was amazed at how it helped so many of us feel so much better and lasted through out the day. Thank you!”
—Wharton Advanced Management Program, Participant


“The Yoga with Jennifer’s leadership created a group bonding, which typically happens in the bar, late at night, etc. Thanks to the Yoga the boding happened in the morning during the session and during breakfast afterwards, which created a very useful, nice and energizing start of the day!”
—Advanced Management Participant


“The sessions were stimulating and educational. Jennifer impressed me in the way she was informative, kind, and did it in a very relaxed way, teaching instructions that are much more important than normally acknowledged. The techniques I learned, I have been able to reproduce at home. Very helpful! She had a wonderful demeanor and really encouraged us as a group. She made it easy and fun and also clearly was committed to this as one of her passions.”
—Executive Leadership Seminar Participant


“Admittedly, I was not looking forward to attend these sessions at all. After joining them I really started to appreciate Yoga. The balancing (in mind and body), the awareness of my own body, opening up, breathing and flexibility, all helped me focus and feel calmer throughout the day.”
—Advanced Management Participant


“An Excellent way to start the day with more awareness of my body and a balanced life approach. I fear we will work our selves to death. This was a helpful for body, mind and self-refection. Thank God, we did this!”
—Executive Leadership Seminar Participant


“The mindfulness and stress reduction wellness course was outstanding and helped me understand how all of my team members needs support and encouragement.”
—Finra, Executive


“I am so glad that I attended Jennifer’s mindfulness meditation workshop! I have been attempting to find a way to incorporate meditation into my everyday life for the past year. I have seen the benefits first hand but often question whether or not I am ” doing it right”. Jennifer’s knowledge and understanding of meditation helped me to realize that I don’t have to be sitting on a meditation pillow or in lotus position for 30 minutes to meditate. She taught us that there are no hard and fast rules for meditating and that we can really do it anywhere, in any position. She has such an easy going and laid back personality I felt very comfortable talking to her about my concerns. I also loved how she broke up the class into groups for discussion.”
—Deb McTamney RN, MS, CRNA


“I don’t know how she does it, she’s so awesome. As for me, she helps me to mute inner critique so I can write the truth. And her writing guidance creates an absolutely safe environment to do that. She said almost two years ago to me, “trust me with respect to communicating with your authentic voice.” And I didn’t know her really, but I plunged.  And I’ve never been sorry I did. Oh how we all danced today with our writings — happy, sad, iffy, compelling/not compelling, observant, surprised, grateful, inquisitive.
—Carole Jean, Water Colorist


“Thank you for the workshop that I attended last month. You have given me lots to think about/write about. I appreciate your talent and skills as a leader. Thank you.”
—Joanne, Individual Therapist


“Generally when I sit down to write I feel like Liz Gilbert faced with chanting the Gurugita in Eat, Pray, Love – my feet twitch, my heart fills with dread, and I desperately look around for a way out. But Jennifer’s workshops create a safe, supportive, and inspiring space that helps you face down that mountain of uncertainty and self-doubt while also challenging you to explore outside your comfort zone. I leave with a renewed sense of confidence, ease and purpose, remembering what it was that made me fall in love with writing in the first place.”
—Amy M.


“The writing workshop enabled me to write without anxiety and read aloud knowing the writing would be celebrated. I discovered stories through looking at the things that fascinate me in different ways. The other participants were inspiring and supportive, and Jennifer’s positive presence and clear, interesting prompts made the three hours feel like five minutes. I came away thinking concretely about specific moments, words, and images that infused me with new energy and enthusiasm for writing. A lot of fun!  I’m looking forward to more!”


“Being part of Jennifer’s writing workshop has enlightened me in ways that I never expected!  During my workshop experience I was able to tap into the creative writer and depths of my mind with the support of the amazing woman within this group.  Jennifer sets the stage for a group of women to feel safe in such a beautiful way that allows for your authentic self to emerge freely. I now have a whole new perspective on my journaling and writing all together. I release all judgment and write from my heart.  The energy of the group encourages fun and free creativity of expression. Thank you Jennifer for creating such a sacred environment that women feel safe to gather and share from deep within their souls.  I loved this class and left feeling so inspired by the woman that shared their stories.”
—Sally M, Life Coach, Soul Style


“I have taken many of Jennifer’s writing workshops over the years. I enjoyed this the most! Jennifer’s indomitable spirit is infectious. Gryphon is a great venue for an intimate writing morning. Jen’s prompts and willingness to strip to her core with us, invites us to do the same or not. Some dive in excited to share, some are quietly writing and inwardly exploring.  A small group is lovely and all different levels of writers are comfortable. Jennifer is passionate about wanting to spread the word about self-discovery through the written word, our words. She helps us learn how we can see into ourselves through our words of self-expression – and we can be creative and have fun!”
—Sue, Professional Caregiver